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Noel Hart has developed a glassblowing technique inspired by the Middle Eastern core-formed glass from 3500 years ago, replacing the dung/clay core with an expandable glass bubble.

Working with a team of glassblowers, the basic hot glass bubble is coated with multiple coloured parts that simulate the plumage of bird species in a painterly manner. A variety of minimalist forms are then blown from the hot glass which will either become finished stand alone works, or used in the creation of unique glass collages.

Noel's work consistently challenges the limitations of traditional glass-blowing and pushes the material to its limits.

The depth and intensity of colour can only be achieved with a deep understanding of the material and itís capabilities and by experimenting with new techniques and processes, whilst maintaining an awareness and understanding of traditional methods.

Noel's work is represented at international art fairs including Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, SOFA Chicago, The Vienna International Art & Antiques Fair, SOFA New York & The Dusseldorf Art Fair. He has also participated in SOFA West in Santa Fe New Mexico.

If you would like information about forthcoming availability of new works, commissions or shipping from Australia, please call Julie on 00 44 7766 255925.

Noelís work can be found in private collections worldwide. Prices range from £ 1,500 to £ 5,000.


enlarge image[+]

NEW: White-naped Lorius
Glass, 49 x 40 x 9cm, signed.

NEW: White-naped Lorius
Glass, 49 x 40 x 9cm, signed. ...more>
NEW: Thinking of Attenborough
Glass, 48 x 29cm, signed. ...more>
NEW: Stigmata Hanging Parrot
Glass, 38 x 30 x 7cm, signed. ...more>
AVAILABLE: Varied Lorikeet
Glass, 43 x 29 x 7cm, signed. ...more>
AVAILABLE: Night Parrot
Glass, 42 x 29 x 7cm, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Horned Parakeet
Glass, 36 x 29 x 7cm, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Emma's Conure
Glass, 36 x 27 x 7cm, signed. ...more>
AVAILABLE: Military Macaw
Glass, 29H x 22W x 6D cm, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Stella's Lorikeet
Glass, 28H x 23W x 6cm, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Chattering Lory
Glass, 30H x 23W x 6cmD, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Red Cheeked Parrot
Glass, 33H x 26W x 6D, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Budgerigar
Glass, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: St Lucia Amazon
Glass, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Santa Marta Conure
SOLD Glass, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Crimson Bellied Conure
Glass, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Purple Lorikeet
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Duyvenbodes Lory
Blown Glass, 36cm high, signed. ...more>
SOLD: Scarlet Macaw
Blown Glass, 36cm high, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Yellow Streaked Lory
Glass, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Palm Cockatoo
Glass, 46 x 35 x 8cm, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Mallee Ringneck
Glass, 37 x 35.5 x 6.5cm, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Kaka
Glass, 42.5 x 35.5 x 8cm, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: White Capped Pionus
Glass, 47cmx41Wx8.5D, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Ultra Marine Lory
Glass, 47cmHx41Wx9.5D, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Military Mackaw
Glass, 48cmHx42Wx9D, signed.
Sold ...more>
SOLD: Crimson Rosella
Glass, 46cmHx41Wx8D, signed.
Sold ...more>