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CONTEMPORARY: Dominic Theobald 

Dom Theobald makes paintings, prints and mixed-media works. His colourful, semi-abstract images derive from a variety of sources including cartoon forms, music, and plant structures.He has exhibited widely in this country, as well as in Europe and the USA. He trained at Norwich School of Art and the Slade.

Artist’s Statement:
The work comes from literally anywhere. I use photographs, films, ideas, objects and music to initiate images. Recently cartoon forms, bones, documentary photographs, whales, shoes, wheels and botanical drawings have all proved useful as elements.

At times there are clear distinctions between objects and ‘background’. I like to think of the distinct forms as ‘stones’ and the surrounding areas as ‘nets’ in which they have been caught or dredged. This in turn refers to the sifting and selection process which is a combination of memory and the activity of painting.

The 'Quiet Voices' series is from 'Flood', collaborative audio-visual work combining Dom Theobold’s colourful, semi-abstract images and Roger Eno’s ambient sound.


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Quiet Voices V

Quiet Voices V
Signed. ...more>
Quiet Voices IV
Signed. ...more>
Quiet Voices III
Signed. ...more>
Quiet Voices II
Signed. ...more>
Quiet Voices
Signed. ...more>
Bowl, Vein, Vase
Oil on Canvas, 2006, 97 x 116cm, signed. ...more>
Bowl, Stamen, Wheel, Seed
Oil on Canvas, 40 x 50cm, signed. ...more>
Stone, Leaf, Cell
Signed. ...more>
Leaf, Vein
Signed. ...more>
Cloud, Shoe, Bone, Leaf, Blade, Wing
Mixed Media, signed. ...more>
Book, Stone, Leaf
Oil on Canvas, 2005. 35x42cm, signed. ...more>
Bones, Wings, Wheels
Oil on Canvas, 2005. 50x0cm, signed. ...more>
Bone, Shoe, Leaf, Wheel
Oil on Canvas, 2005. 20x20cm, signed. ...more>
Coney Island
Oil on Canvas, 1999, 180 x 180cm, signed. ...more>
Oil on Canvas, 2000, 180 x 180cm, signed. ...more>
Oil on Canvas, 2000, 180 x 180cm, signed. ...more>