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A Prayer for the Procrastinator

*Please note this exhibition is at 19/23 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch. Nearest tubes Liverpool Street & Old Street. The venue is situated close to Shoreditch High Street at the junction with the Tea Building. Look out for the black fronted building with a union jack flag outside*

In ‘A Prayer for the Procrastinator’ Laurence Owen and Henry Hudson follow the back roads and dirty alleyways into the dark recesses of the English psyche, toying with our national treasures in a most unsettling way. What we esteem in the artistic canon Owen merrily defaces, what we cherish as innocent and pure Hudson sullies with all the guilt and perversity of our adult desires. Their mischievous pride in their own ability gives them the audacity to mock what is universally accepted as ideal. They have the right to be proud and flippant. Richard Dorment described them as ‘astonishing young painters’.

The devil makes work for idle hands and both Hudson and Owen revel in the messiness of paint. Though he paints like El Greco, his medium is plasticine, which he melts over a heater to create a gloop that he can manipulate as if it were oil paint. This heavy material suffocates his canvases, giving the images the claustrophobic intensity of a dirty secret.

Owen draws out the beauty from the mundane with the deft use of form and colour reminiscent of a young Hockney. The tension between his love for the controlled, painstaking and monotonous process of traditional oil painting, and the conflicting desire to break free of its constraints, gives his work a playful and rebellious energy.

Owen and Hudson both stand on the edge of the abyss of the modern consciousness and peer into it with boyish curiosity, they drag up and put on display the weird creatures most of us would rather ignore. They question the nature of what we treasure, what we cherish, what we value in today’s moral and cultural wilderness.


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Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
Plasticine on plywood, 91 x 61cm, signed.

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
Plasticine on plywood, 91 x 61cm, signed. ...more>
One night in his bed...
Plasticine on plywood, 122 x 122cm, signed. ...more>
Frankfurter Art
Plasticine on plywood, 122 x 92cm, signed. ...more>
Washed up in Paradise
Plasticine on plywood, 183 x 122cm, signed. ...more>
Doll Face
Plasticine on plywood, 92 x 61cm, signed. ...more>
Tracey's husband says he likes her the way she is...
Plasticine on plywood, 122 x 122cm, signed. ...more>
Another Place, Another type of class
Plasticine on plywood, 91 x 61cm, signed. ...more>
If you go down to the wood today, you're sure of a big surprise...
Plasticine on plywood, 122 x 122cm, signed. ...more>
Work Hard Play Hard by Laurence Owen
Signed. ...more>
Renoir Saveloy
Oil & print on canvas, 59 x 42.3cm, signed. ...more>
Discotheque E
Oil on board, 71 x 71.5cm, signed. ...more>
Pillow Drift Powder by Laurence Owen
, 61 x 65.5cm, signed. ...more>
Disjointed Unity by Laurence Owen
Oil, acrylic & gloss on canvas, 122 x 152.5cm, signed. ...more>
Spit Hog by Laurence Owen
Oil, acrylic & gloss on canvas, signed. ...more>
San by Laurence Owen
Oil, acrylic & gloss on canvas, signed. ...more>